Preferred Freezer Services

Preferred Freezer Services

San Leandro, CA Thermal

Richland, WA Thermal

Lynden, WA Thermal & Refrigeration

Houston, TX Thermal

Lynden Expansion, WA Thermal

Los Angeles, CA Thermal & Refrigeration

SubZero performed the refrigeration and thermal scopes for above mentioned Preferred Freezer projects. Most projects are the signature 58’ clear VNA style racked freezers that Preferred Freezer is known for. In particular, Richland, WA is the largest freezer in the US with 165,000 pallet positions storing much of the nation’s frozen french fries.


Preferred Freezer Services offers the most modern, state-of-the-art, temperature controlled cold storage warehouses in the United States, China and Vietnam. They operate nearly 40 facilities in 9 regions nationwide as well as having an international presence in the far east.


  • LTDX ammonia refrigeration systems
  • 6” insulated panels with 24ga
  • 4” insulated hardwall panels for the docks
  • Rapid roll doors
Public Cold Storage