IACSC Transitions to New Name: CEBA


As of November 2018, the International Association for Cold Storage Construction (IACSC) has a new name: Controlled Environment Building Association (CEBA). Due to the expansive growth in expertise of its members, the 40-year-old trade association name was changed to reflect the groups evolution. CEBA Vice Chairman, and SubZero Vice President, Vince Free believes the rebrand to ‘Controlled Environment’ accurately encapsulates the full scope of what members specialize in—the design and construction of temperature-controlled facilities.



Representing Controlled Environment Builders

CEBA’s mission is to represent the experienced builders who specialize in these controlled environment buildings such as cold storage warehouses, food processing facilities, clean rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, and foodservice distribution centers. The association is furthering itself as the go-to place to find industry experts who specialize in the thermal envelope. It’s comprised of professionals who value product integrity, quality, and safety. CEBA is aimed to become the answer for anyone looking to build or renovate a temperature-controlled facility.



Developing Talent in the Cold Storage Industry

As the expertise and focus of this association has expanded far beyond cold storage, CEBA is making strides to develop future talent through recruitment and retention programs. Members are encouraged to take on leadership roles, serve on committees, recruit those around them. According to Vince, “getting end users to attend the trade show, encouraging them to hire CEBA members, and developing CEBA certification is all an ongoing process.” Free adds, “It certainly is an exciting time to be a part of this organization and industry.”

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